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ABE Adult Basic Education
B Biography
BDK Book Discussion Kit
BPER Business Periodical
BR Business Reference
BRPER Business Reference Periodical
BUS Business Non-Fiction Book
BUS DVD Business DVD
BUS VT Business Video Tape
CAS Cassette
CASB Cassette with Book
CD DOC Government Document CD
CDB CD with Book
CH Consumer Health Collection
CH PER Consumer Health Periodical
CH R Consumer Health Reference
DOC Government Document
EDOC Electronic Government Document
F Fiction
GN Graphic Novel
H Local History
HDVD Local History DVD
HPER Local History Periodical
HR Local History Reference
HRDVD History Reference DVD
HRPER History Reference Periodical
HVT History Video Tape
J Juvenile
J EBOOK Juvenile Ebook
JBDK Juvenile Book Discussion Kit
JCAS Juvenile Cassette
JCASB Juvenile Cassette with Book
JCD Juvenile CD
JCDB Juvenile CD with Book
JDVD Juvenile DVD
JEBK Juvenile ED Ebook
JGN Juvenile Graphic Novel
JP Juvenile Picture Book
JPAP Juvenile Paperback
JPER Juvenile Periodical
JR Juvenile Reference
JRCDR Juvenile Reference CD
JRP Juvenile Reference Picture Book
JRPER Juvenile Reference Periodical
JVGM Juvenile Video Game
JVT Juvenile Video Tape
JX Juvenile Easy Reader
L Large Print
LPER Large Print Periodical
LR Large Print Reference
MICRO Microfilm
N Notes
NCHS Non-Circulating Historical Society
NCHSV Non-Circulating Historical Society Video
NP Non-Profit
NPER Non-Profit Periodical
NPR Non-Profit Reference
NRPER Non-Profit Ref. Periodical
P Professional
PER Adult Periodical
PHONB Phone Book
PPER Professional Periodical
R Reference Book
RCDR Reference CD
RPER Reference Periodical
VGM Adult Video Game
VT Video Tape
VT-DOC Government Document Video
YA Young Adult
YA EBOOK Young Adult Ebook
YABDK Young Adult Book Discussion KIT
YACAS Young Adult Cassette
YACD Young Adult CD
YAGN Young Adult Graphic Novel
YAPAP Young Adult Paperback
YAPER Young Adult Periodical
YAVGM Young Adult Video Game
YCDB Young Adult CD with Book