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Cabin fever /

Cabin fever /
Kinney, Jeff.
Copies: 43; Reserves: 0

"Greg struggles to stay on Santa's 'nice' list while snowed in with the rest of the Heffley family in the days leading up to Christmas"--
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J F Kinney Jeff BT Due Dec 19 2016
J F Kinney Jeff CP Due Dec 10 2016
J F Kinney Jeff CP Due Dec 15 2016
J F Kinney Jeff CP Due Dec 19 2016
J F Kinney Jeff DE Due Dec 8 2016
J F Kinney Jeff DE Due Dec 8 2016
J F Kinney Jeff DR In at DR (Deer Run)
J F Kinney Jeff DR Due Dec 6 2016
J F Kinney Jeff DR Due Dec 17 2016
J F Kinney Jeff DR Due Dec 16 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Dec 14 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Dec 19 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Dec 15 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Dec 18 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Dec 17 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Oct 27 2016
J F Kinney Jeff KL Due Nov 20 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK In at MK (Middendorf-Kredell)
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 14 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 14 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 16 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 17 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 15 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 9 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 10 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Dec 18 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MK Due Nov 20 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MY In at MY (McClay)
J F Kinney Jeff MY Due Dec 19 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MY Due Dec 16 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MY Due Dec 19 2016
J F Kinney Jeff MY In at MY (McClay)
J F Kinney Jeff MY In at MY (McClay)
J F Kinney Jeff MY Due Dec 14 2016
J F Kinney Jeff NC In at NC (North County)
J F Kinney Jeff SC In at SC (South County)
J F Kinney Jeff SP Due Dec 7 2016
J F Kinney Jeff SP Due Dec 5 2016
J F Kinney Jeff SP Due Dec 11 2016
J F Kinney Jeff SP Due Dec 14 2016
J F Kinney Jeff SP Due Dec 15 2016
J F Kinney Jeff SP Due Dec 7 2016
J F Kinney Jeff WH In at WH (Library Express at Winghaven®)

 catalog record

Control No. 783194
ISBN 9781419702235
ISBN 1419702238
Author Kinney Jeff
Title Cabin fever / -- by Jeff Kinney.
Varying Title Diary of a wimpy kid, cabin fever
Publisher Information New York : -- Amulet Books, -- 2011.
Physical Description 217 p. : -- ill. ; -- 21 cm.
Series Statement Diary of a wimpy kid ; -- 6
Summary Middle-schooler Greg Heffley is the prime suspect when it is discovered that school property has been damaged, but when a surprise blizzard hits and school is closed, Greg is stuck indoors with his family, unable to prove his innocence.
Subject Families Fiction
Subject Fear Fiction
Subject Blizzards Fiction
Subject Middle schools Fiction
Subject Schools Fiction
Subject Family life Fiction
Subject Diaries Fiction
Subject Humorous stories
Alternate Author Kinney Jeff

 annotations (4)

Annotation 1 "Greg struggles to stay on Santa's 'nice' list while snowed in with the rest of the Heffley family in the days leading up to Christmas"--

Annotation 2 In the highly anticipated sixth title in the phenomenal best-selling series, the Heffley family is stuck indoors during a blizzard, but when cabin fever sets in, Greg Heffley finds it difficult to weather the storm. 6 million first printing.

Annotation 3 Middle-schooler Greg Heffley is the prime suspect when it is discovered that school property has been damaged, but when a surprise blizzard hits and school is closed, Greg is stuck indoors with his family, unable to prove his innocence.

Annotation 4

Greg Heffley is in big trouble. School property has been damaged, and Greg is the prime suspect. But the crazy thing is, he’s innocent. Or at least sort of.

The authorities are closing in, but when a surprise blizzard hits, the Heffley family is trapped indoors. Greg knows that when the snow melts he’s going to have to face the music, but could any punishment be worse than being stuck inside with your family for the holidays?


 reviews (10)

Booklist Reviews 2011 December #1
Adults just don't make any sense. They say kids should get more exercise, and then they take away all the playground equipment because they're afraid of getting sued. They allege that they're in charge, yet they have to ask middle-schoolers how to work the microwave. They proclaim kids should read more and then publish books like this! Wait. Well . . . they definitely got that last one right, as everything in this sixth entry will appeal to the very readers who have made this the 'tween series of the decade. This time around, Greg Heffley's can-you-even-believe-it diary entries and comical line art capture a nightmarish month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, during which (among other indignities) a blizzard strands him at home with his family, including two ruinous brothers, all under Santa's watch: "If you make a mistake during the first eleven months of the year, it's no big deal. But if you do something wrong during the holiday season, you're gonna pay for it. It's too much pressure to be on your best behavior for a whole month. The most I can handle is six or seven days in a row." Throughout, as Greg expresses his confusion, frustration, and self-satisfaction in his laugh-out-loud voice, Kinney once again taps into kids' everyday emotions with uncanny accuracy and consistency. New and old fans alike will read this, love it, read it again, and start the countdown for the next one. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

Booklist Reviews 2010 December #1
In his latest diary, the fifth in the mega-best-selling Wimpy Kid series, Greg Heffley, star of page and screen, proves indisputably that "when it comes right down to it, middle-schoolers are just a bunch of wild animals." It's a jungle out there for sure, and the key components are farting, pimples, family gatherings, headgear, fatherly homework help, lousy aim in the bathroom, and, of course, girls. Greg's main focus as the school year gets under way is replacing his best friend, Rowley, with whom he had a falling out over the summer. Although he has not reached full-blown puberty quite yet, Greg feels as if he's hit his childhood "expiration date," and when you're no longer a cute kid, nothing is as easy as it used to be. Once again, Kinney remains unerringly attuned to the tween psyche as he packs in rapid-fire experiences in words and cartoons that are bust-a-gut funny, beg-to-stay-home-from-school mortifying, and completely authentic in all their ugly truths. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

Booklist Reviews 2009 October #2
Early in this hilarious what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation account, Greg Heffley cynically records his clueless mother's promise that despite tight budgets, it would still be "the best summer ever." Boy, was she wrong! Instead, the summer brings a long list of miseries: the anxiety-provoking shower at the public pool, a falling-out between Greg and his best friend, and, worst of all, "family togetherness." Now and then, Greg stumbles across some good times, but they involve things that many middle-school guys would never admit enjoying, such as tabloids, beauty parlors, and soap operas. Kinney weaves in some real-life ironies: Greg, star of one of the best-selling kids' book series in publication, declares, "Anything that doesn't involve reading sounds pretty good to me"; he is bummed that he is not yet a reality-TV star (a real-life blockbuster movie is in the works); and he unsuccessfully attempts to become a cartoonist, which is how Kinney got his start. These nods to reality add humor and depth to this title, consistent in style and substance with previous series entries, which fans new and old will savor. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

BookPage Reviews 2010 November
Diary of a busy man

One night last summer, author Jeff Kinney was astounded to see that the upcoming book in his Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, The Ugly Truth, was number two on Amazon’s bestseller list.

“I didn’t even know what ‘The Ugly Truth’ was yet,” he remembers. “They’re printing five million of these things, and I hadn’t even decided.”

His series chronicling the adventures of middle school student Greg Heffley is definitely a publishing phenomenon, having sold more than 37 million copies in the U.S. and millions more in 30 countries around the world, inspired a movie and eagerly anticipated sequel (for which he is executive producer) and catapulted this quiet cartoonist to sudden fame.

“It feels like I go off and pretend to be an author, and pretend to make movies, and then come back to my normal life.”

“It’s been a strange life so far,” Kinney says.

And no doubt getting stranger. On November 8, the day before The Ugly Truth goes on sale, Kinney will share the podium with Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice at Barbara Bush’s “Celebration of Reading” in Dallas. Later in the month he’ll watch a Wimpy Kid balloon float by in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

All of this might not have happened had not a savvy editor, Charles Kochman of Abrams, recognized his talent. While a student at the University of Maryland, Kinney cartooned for the campus newspaper and studied (of all things) computer science and criminal justice. He planned to become a federal law enforcement agent until a hiring freeze squashed that idea. While trying to break into syndicate cartooning, he collected several years’ worth of what he calls “soul-crushing” rejection letters.

The problem was his drawing style: “I could never get a consistent line,” Kinney says. “My hand would never obey what my mind wanted it to do. And still, it’s very hard for me to draw.” That’s why he draws Greg as a middle schooler, although he originally had an adult audience in mind. After Kochman saw Kinney’s work at Comic-Con in 2006, Abrams decided to publish Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a children’s book, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The resulting hoopla feels “make-believe,” Kinney says, adding, “It feels like I go off and pretend to be an author, and pretend to make movies, and then come back to my normal life.”

His normal life takes place on a quiet street in Plainville, Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife and two sons, ages five and seven. From there Kinney heads off to a day job as executive producer and creative director of a website called Poptropica, and returns to be assistant soccer coach for his son’s team.

Through it all, Kinney remains remarkably grounded, seeming as if he has all the time in the world, despite the fact that a film crew from CNN would soon arrive on the cloudy autumn day when we talked. At times, however, the balancing act is worrisome. “If I were throwing the football with my son and hurt my hand, then that would really send everything upside down,” Kinney says.

Now that he’s finished writing, what is The Ugly Truth?

“If I said that, it would blow the ending,” Kinney says, “but I’ll say that this book is about growing up. The book is sort of a metaphor for my decision on whether or not to move forward. . . . Is Greg going to move on, or is he going to stay in a state of arrested development forever?”

Will there be more Wimpy Kid books?

“I truly haven’t decided that,” Kinney says. “I’m trying to take a few weeks to really think about this. These books look like you could put them together in a day or two, but they take about nine months of really hard work.”

The work takes place in his small upstairs office, usually at night or on weekends. The walls are purposely bare to minimize distraction, and Kinney’s concentration method is decidedly unconventional.

“I sit right here,” he says, pointing to a corner of a small couch. “I usually put a blanket over my head.”

A blanket?

“Sensory deprivation,” he explains. “I’ve tried all sorts of different things . . . to help get my mind into a thinking mode. To make a good book I need maybe 700 ideas, so it’s about four hours a night of just thinking, for about four months. Most of the time I fall asleep.”

Kinney next labels each idea A, B or C, depending on how he judges its worth. He tries to throw out all of the “C” ideas, and then strings the rest together. Finally, he’s ready to draw, necessitating another four months of 8- to 12-hour days, and sometimes 13- and 14-hour days. He listens to books on tape, usually history or historical fiction, or sometimes political books about the CIA and terrorism. “It’s very strange,” he notes of his selections. “It doesn’t really compute with what I’m drawing.”

“I do all of my drawings on that tablet,” he says, pointing to a device that links to his computer. “I just draw like mad. In fact, my eyes still can’t focus even though it’s been about 10 days since I drew my last drawing [for The Ugly Truth].”

The merging of text and drawings comes late in the process, much like a giant puzzle, Kinney says. “A drawing might end up falling halfway on one page and half on the other, so sometimes you’ll change the story itself just to make the drawings fit.”

After a tour to promote the new book, Kinney looks forward to getting back to his daily routine, putting his sons on the school bus each morning, and waiting for them when they get off.

“I’m happiest when I’m leading a normal life,” he says. “That’s what I strive for.”


Copyright 2010 BookPage Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Spring
With Christmas right around the corner, Greg Heffley's just trying to keep his nose clean. Good intentions notwithstanding, Greg finds himself wanted by the police (or so he thinks; it's sort of true) before a blizzard knocks out power and he's able to redeem himself (by mistake). Kinney provides more laugh-out-loud silliness from the hapless wimpy kid.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Spring
Greg, fighting with Rowley, tries for new friends. Preoccupied with puberty, Greg wishes his immature classmates would outgrow their "wild animals" phase. Thin plotting makes the story's resolution almost an afterthought. However, as usual, visual and verbal humor abound, and the issue of puberty is discussed honestly without going into details that might make readers (or their parents) squeamish. Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
In this fourth series entry, it's summer, and Greg's mom is determined that the Heffley family will spend some quality time together--bad news for the wimpy kid, who prefers to be "in front of the TV, playing video games with the curtains closed and the lights turned off." As usual, Greg's narration and accompanying almost-stick-figure cartoon illustrations are laugh-out-loud funny. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2011 December #1
In a world where "Wimpy Kid–like" has become a shorthand to describe a certain type of book, what is there to say about the sixth volume in the groundbreaking series? It certainly delivers what series fans have grown to expect: "hand-lettered" text on lined, faux-journal pages and cartoon vignettes depicting the opinions and misadventures of antihero and diarist Greg Heffley. Here, Greg struggles to get from Thanksgiving to Christmas without attracting Santa's attention. Before getting to the sub-titular main event, Kinney lampoons school anti-bullying efforts, our modern obsession with safety and Internet games that entice players to spend real money on fake consumer goods. Predictably, Greg's jury-rigged get-rich-quick scheme in service of his Net Kritterz pet goes awry, resulting in his conviction that at any moment he will be arrested. Then the blizzard starts, and Greg, brothers Rodrick and Manny and their mother are snowed in. With the power cut off and food supplies running low, things are looking desperate… Unfortunately, the humor inherent in this scenario is stifled by Kinney's having given over so much of the set up (more than two thirds of the book) to digressive, stand-up–comic rants that what could provoke manic hysteria elicits only chuckles, if that. Kinney has built a world that has potential for truly subversive humor and has a fan base willing to go wherever he takes it, but by choosing to play it safe here, he sells both short. (Graphic fiction. 8-12) Copyright Kirkus 2011 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

LJ BookSmack
The fifth thousand-pound gorilla of this kid-fave series is reportedly about Greg and Rowley's friendship. Some 30-plus million of the first four have been sold worldwide-about eight percent of Harry Potter, which isn't bad.-Martha Cornog, "Graphic Novels Prepub Alert," BookSmack! 7/15/2010 Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information.

PW Reviews 2009 October #2

Is there a better remedy for the back-to-school doldrums than getting to see how Greg Heffley spent his summer vacation? If nothing else, the comedy of errors and indignities he suffers will make readers feel a whole lot better about any family vacation disasters of their own. In the fourth book in Kinney's bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Greg has a falling-out with his friend Rowley over a failed lawn-care business, puts up with his parents' attempts to get him out of the house (Mom organizes a book club for boys—who pick out titles like "Sudoku Insanity" and "Ultimate Video Game Cheats") and tries to shake off the twin horrors of the murderous "muddy hand" from a horror film he watches and the terrifying sights in the men's locker room at the pool. Kinney's gift for telling, pitch-perfect details in both his writing and art remains (such as the cursive script and cutesy content of Mom's photo album captions). No reason to think kids won't devour this book as voraciously as its predecessors. Ages 8–12. (Oct.)

[Page 49]. Copyright 2009 Reed Business Information.


 author biography

Jeff Kinney is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and five-time Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award winner for Favorite Book. Jeff has been named one ofTime magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. He is also the creator of Poptropica, which was named one ofTime magazine’s 50 Best Websites. He spent his childhood in the Washington, D.C., area and moved to New England in 1995. Jeff lives with his wife and two sons in southern Massachusetts, where he has a bookstore, An Unlikely Story.

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